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making a positive change in our communities is possible… but only if we start now, set our sights high, and work together.

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publication highlights

  • asce 7

    minimum design loads and associated criteria for buildings and other structures, asce/sei 7-16

  • civil engineering magazine

    the magazine of the american society of civil engineers


    featured this month

    space place

    jan 2020

    to help design and construct human habitats for earth orbit, the moon, and mars, nasa is turning to teams of experts in academia and private industry, including civil and structural engineers. the ideas being discussed will, in some cases, take terrestrial engineering concepts into extraterrestrial settings and, in return, apply some of the spacebased solutions back here on earth.

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asce member stories

  • sara lucero, s.m.asce

    student member

    asce has shown me how people of many talents and skills come together to build the world around us.
  • jonathan brower, p.e., m.asce


    i have the confidence to embrace any challenge, from public speaking to leadership, through the opportunities that asce has provided me with.
  • diane linderman, p.e., m.asce


    i continue to value the 中文字幕在线手机播放5relationships, the education, and the leadership opportunities afforded me in asce.
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